Friday, 1 January 2016

I have two sisters

I have two sisters
Holly and Ivy their names
No brothers have I

But I have red hair
So I am called carrot top
But I can't see why

I have freckles too
The girls are peaches and cream
I'm the ginger nut

Sue across the road
Holds hands as we walk to school
They are soft and warm

Her brother is Ted
We are the awesome threesome
We have so much fun

Ted likes our Holly
But is scared she is prickly
So won't ask her out

Ivy likes him though
She may be a bit clingy
Which makes him wary

Just what's in a name?
Sue colors up when we meet
I really like that

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  1. What a plot. Can make a tv show with this one :D

  2. Ahh..a sprinkle of ginger makes for a sense of adventure...i particularly liked clingy Ivy (or is that disliked)...made me smile..and Sue's are always so sensible and demure