Wednesday, 16 December 2015

In trouble again

She'd spit the dummy
Just what had made her so tense
In trouble again

It was Christmas drinks
I had kissed one office girl
The snap had been sent

Wife checked my cell phone
Never seen her so savage
In trouble again

It's a waiting game
For she can be so vengeful
Just what can I do?

Flowers and perfume
It just has to be Chanel
I do hope that works

(It's just our secret
I kissed all the girls there
But don't tell a soul)


  1. oh boy is he in trouble!!!! great poem

  2. Hey, there's an easy solution. Divorce. Then you can kiss any willing girl whenever you want.

    You mentioned the Ahu Maori saga; I miss is. If you got any of the names mixed up, I don't remember it. I just remember what a great feel for the culture and time.

  3. There are somethings which can't be undone with presents and money...who to root for...i kind of hope she takes the stuff and then runs!

  4. Flowers and perfumes are a good choice.