Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Matt and Tilda

Matt Matthews had died and all the family were gathered for the reading of the will including his housekeeper Tilda who was as deaf as a post.

She brought them some refreshments and sat quietly in a corner of the room while the lawyer opened his document case and read the will with sundry bequests to all the family but no a word about the house he had been living in which each of them hoped would be left to them.

Eventually the solicitor reached the final paragraph and announced that the house that the all coveted so much had been gifted to the housekeeper some months previously and she was now its rightful owner.

The family all looked in amazement first at the lawyer and then at Tilda who smiled sweetly at them.

"You must understand' the solicitor said "that of necessity Matt had learned sign language to be able to communicate with Tilda and she with him but as they lived with each other for so long he could also read everybody's lips especially yours, even when you spoke in whispers and were out of normal hearing range."

"So it was his decision that once you had all been adequately provided for in his estate he also ensured that he would provide for Tilda too...but before he died."

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  1. I suspect the cue this week will have a variable range as i didnt even expect hearing range...i love a good reading of the will story...classic

  2. Good for him! People who read lips do have an advantage.

  3. A good story, Old Egg. It reminds me of an episode of Seinfield when Jerry is dating a girl who reads lips and George wants her to eavesdrop on someone at a party. But of course it gets all screwed up and there is lot of laughter. Did you know the lip read for I Love You is the same as Olive Juice?

  4. Like Ivy, I hadn't considered range in this way. Well done!

  5. Great interpretation! And a nice moral to the story :)

  6. Wow, Old Egg - a great interpretation of the prompt! Hadn't thought of that one. And I love the story - good for poor deaf as a post Tilda!