Saturday, 5 December 2015

The best day ever

The alarm bells rang
A spider shook in her web
Wasps buzzed angrily

School was so boring 
But this was so exciting
Drill or the real thing?

Sunny afternoon
Walk to the assembly zone
Pulling and shoving

Clumsy Jack fell down
The teachers all looked so cross
Begrudging the time

Wanting to teach us 
About molecules and stuff
Now shouting commands

A crow watched us all
Then cawed his derision
At the gathered crowd

The whirling sirens 
Were now heard at a distance
Coming to save us

Boys looked eagerly
At the two red fire engines
and all the firecrew

Little Sue Bevan
Was crying for her mother
I thought it was fun

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  1. Ah yes the firemen visiting...more pleasant than the nit nurse...but still i'd be like Sue - I am very glad Spider and Crow joined in the mischief...

  2. poor clumsy Jack and little Sue - the excitement was too much. You paint the day so well but love the way the feeling of it reaches out to nature
    "A spider shook in her web
    Wasps buzzed angrily"

  3. A wonderful tale woven with the words.

    Thanks for visiting.


  4. Nice write, O.E. I know the college kids don't like them. I was thinking fun for the smaller ones. We didn't have fire drills when I was growing up in Nebraska.

  5. I wonder, do they still do fire drills like this? The only one I remember with the actual fire-trucks was when I was in the first grade ... back in the 50s no less. Loved reading this, the rhythm echoed beautifully in my mind.