Wednesday, 16 December 2015

By luck or design

Whether by luck or design
I fell in love with you
You eyes shone bright as stars
You move with such sweet grace
Gliding into my life
I wonder if you see me?

There's a boy who looks at me
I pretend I don't care
He's gentle and sincere
Will he make the first move?
The other girls are jealous 
So must smile at him soon

Did she nod at me just then?
I will smile back at her
Good I am going over
Good he is coming over
I love the way he talks
Can we keep it a secret?

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  1. You have given me a smile. How could that possibly be a secret?

  2. Sigh... love is a design mysterious to the eyes.
    Beautifully executed.

  3. Wow! This is such a delightfully romantic poem. Absolutely loved it :)

  4. The ways of a woman will always a mystery to a took thousands of years to become ingrained in our DNA and we are never going to disclose our secrets:)

  5. I enjoyed the two sets of thoughts you've brought together...

  6. Body talk, soul talk, and only - just word talk. Very nice.

  7. aha...that's a romantic design..lovely..

  8. Love this poem, Robin...dearly romantic, and it really touches on the most basic of emotions !! Very nice....

  9. Ooh...the puzzle of attraction - we like...perhaps nothing is entirely by chance..not once circumstances are in our hands

  10. Indeed, sometimes we don't know WHY we fall in love...but after it happens, does it really matter? Design or luck - not so important in the face of the power of love.

  11. I enjoyed the dual inner dialogue of the two young people. Very cool.

  12. lovely! design for sure

    much love...

  13. ah! the typical design of teenage romance. sweet.