Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Love and longing

I loved your green eyes and the way you flicked your hair
But you have left me now it just does not seem fair
Only to wake each morning to find you're not near
Knowing that my love, that have really gone I fear

I go for walks just like we always used to do
On the beach, in the hills and through the woodland too
You were a bird watcher they all still sing their song
But you my dear I have lost in the milling throng

How does one cope when your love leaves you all alone?
What doyou do when she doesn't answer her phone?
How does one's heart beat when there is just now hope left?
How can I cope at all when I am so bereft?

Love and longing are such a peculiar pair
I am so brokenhearted it seems so unfair
Each day I wake I know the choice that I must face
In having to find someone else to take your place

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  1. The words are very much moving that touch deeply & I also like the open-ended close.

  2. Oh! You made me sigh and then you made me laugh! Take her place? Not likely, but long for it for sure. There's lots of us lingering on that lonesome shore.

  3. You've drawn me in to imagine if I were in your place, Robin. I have a feeling I would not hold up well during my introspection. The heart will beat again someday.

  4. Some loves are irreplaceable, though - that is our dilemma.

  5. Oh, you sucked me right in – and then that twist at the end! This fellow is not quite so heartbroken after all.

  6. This poem tugs at the heart. Sadness and longing looms over.......

  7. I think though he's guided in trying to find someone to take her place. He may try moving on but the relationship could never be the same

    Happy Wednesday Robin


  8. Robin,

    It's true that love and longing are so powerfully stretches the bounds of the other...In time, I truly hope that there is some ease and that some space might allow new hope, even though one heart never replaces the other...