Saturday, 23 November 2019

Sweet Colleen

Did I tell you about sweet Colleen
My brother's girlfriend when I was a teen
Don't know why but I thought she was beaut
She was shy, smiled at me which was cute
Aching for her, she was ripe fruit

I so wanted a girl just like that
She wasn't thin nor was she fat
You could say I had a crush on her
Had bully brother so did demure
Which was more than I could endure

Luckily he and she did not last
Soon she was a thing of the past
I started to work in another place
Near Christmas I thought I saw her face
When she saw me; said "HI" no disgrace

Found out we were made for each other
She then said "You're not like your brother"
Now in the twilight of my long life
After all the good times and the strife
So glad I did steal her for my wife

Coleen saw the subtle difference
Chose me on other side of fence
I'd fogotten what grief he could cause
That she left him was cause for applause
She was like a gift from Santa Claus

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  1. What a romantic tale - i love your optimism

  2. Oh how great to come out like that, and maybe most of all that she managed to get rid of the bully.

  3. This is such a romantic write, Robin!!❤️

  4. Sweet and quite a turn of events. Such a nice name too.

  5. At first, I wondered how the brother reacted to Calleen's new situation. Then I realized that it didn't matter. I'm just happy things turned out so well--like Rosemary, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

  6. A woman can tell the difference as to who is the true gentleman, for sure. I love your love stories, Robin.

  7. What a happy ending! Can't get much better than a gift from Santa Claus.

  8. It sounds like Santa Claus delivered a fine gift.

  9. Aw! Glad that they found each other in the end.

  10. Good for you. Robin. This poem seems to be you, right? Nice girl of she married you.
    p.s. I'm on sabbatical now so I didn't write.

    1. Sorry Jim, not me this time but at my age so many experiences can be drawn and fictionalised to make it seem so.

  11. Love it when things turn out right--thank you for a great first read this morning!

  12. What a wonderful tale of love and two people's triumph over a bully in the end. Feels like a love that was meant to be.