Saturday, 23 November 2019


How I recall Angela
A sweet girl with bright blue eyes
Who with just one kiss would give such sighs

She was a lass next to none
Her lips the taste of cinnamon
Which I must say was quite uncommon

She stacked the shelves in a shop
Which is why my eyes did pop
To see her long legs and derriere

But that was nothing at all
Because she was six feet tall
I didn't groan as I was too

I gave her onyx earrings
She loved them they made her sing
Next will be a diamond ring

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  1. Sweet poem. And love the line about her bum.

  2. I adore the third stanza. And that pic!

  3. Cinnamon lips and long legs. I can see why she mesmerized :)

  4. Oh she sounds like a perfect girl...

  5. This is delightfully sweet, Robin!❤️

  6. Just right for this guy!!! Women taller than me scare the gebeebers out of me. I run. Good for her though, I'd much rather be smelling cinnamon than garlic.
    Fun read, nice picture.

  7. Love that cinnamon/uncommon near rhyme!

    Listen, I accidentally rejected your comment on mine during moderation. Darn touch screen! My sausage fingers hit delete instead of publish. I just wanted you to know it was accidental. I couldn't see any way to bring it back. :-(

  8. Oh, she sound like quite a beauty with those cinnamon lips and long legs.