Sunday, 8 December 2019

Sparkling Eyes

That sad story we do tell ourselves
Trying to hide our faults on high shelves
S'pose we all hunger for the past
Opening our minds who we once were
Choking with sadness when we lost her

Yet days do not weary anymore
Once when filling them was quite a bore
Should we reminisce about the past?
Or try to put that aside for good
Does it matter if misunderstood?

So love hurts if that fire is put out
It's not a sin to cry or to shout
Or to jump queue in the line of love
Where one must fly high to win the prize
On the grounds that she has sparkling eyes

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  1. It’s good to reminisce. Memories are what keep us going.

  2. Nostalgia and melancholia are kissing cousins, I think. Especially when it comes to love. There is so much bittersweetness... in remembering the good things that were, which we still want could be.

  3. I think it is wonderful to keep those memories alive - to give thanks for what we once had. How lucky we have been! Have a lovely Sunday, my friend.

  4. Robin, are the fires near you or your family? I am so worried about them - they are raging.

  5. The love we found making those memories is worth the stings that come later.

  6. "On the grounds that she has sparkling eyes" - it just makes it all worth it...the sadness, the loss, the feeling misunderstood, the effort to win the time with her in the first place. I really love how you bear your heart. Beautiful poem.

  7. Sigh .. those memories are worth holding on to.

  8. Memories help us relive the good times. Sparkling eyes should be remembered.
    Lovely writing as always.

  9. Memories of the past - good and bad - is what completes us.

  10. Good memories are keepers. Nice one Robin. Happy you dropped by my blog today


  11. The memories get sweeter and less painful with time, I find.
    I like your rhyme pattern, varying the middle lines of the verses.

  12. jump the queue in the line of love- love that!!

  13. you write great romantic poetry. nostalgia shouldn't hurt, i guess.
    and yes, i like how you format the poem. great structure and rhymes.