Sunday, 15 December 2019

One dark and dirty night

I was leaning against the bar
Steamed up as I had lost my girl
Glittery lights flashed far and near
It was the season for good cheer

Not drunk so much but stomach churned
A crowd of revellers came in
And shuffled up to buy their drinks
Pretty girl looks at me and winks

This lass did cheer me up a lot
As she grins whilst still with her crowd
More people now surge through the door
Must be trippers a the coach tour

One brief moment she touches me
I grab that moment and so kiss her
"Thanks, my first kiss tonight" she says
Liked her lots, told her "My name's Les"

"How about you, is your name Jean?"
She laughed out loud, "Would you like that?
"No, just that you seem familiar"
"You're right, were both in school's last year"

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