Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Going round the bend

Good heavens, it's nearly year's end
Not done my Christmas shopping yet
I think I'm going round the bend

Relax there is still seven days left
Still time to join the mad shopping crowd
There's no need to look so bereft

Don't know what to get your rellies?
If they read buy them a good book
Chocolate will fill their bellies

Then what to buy their little ones?
If their older they will want cash
Girls want dolls, boys will want toy guns

There now! So are you all prepared?
Let's hope you get some presents too
I'm sure you will, they'll know you cared

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  1. I am glad there are a few days left. I still have some errands to do but have been too dizzy to go out. Happy holidays, my friend.

  2. You certainly caught the shopping scrambles for the season! But I hope you are wrong about what boys and girls want, LOL.

    1. Sorry Susan I just needed a word to rhyme with ones!

  3. You've beautifully captured this festive spirit that year end brings us.

  4. Others can keep the hustle/bustle of shopping but I look across the room to a painting that my son created for my wife and think it is one of the best gifts she ever received. (She does, too)
    I feel a purchased gift has to have a story behind it to make it an invaluable gift.

    I'm probably wrong since people believe I'm a stingy tightwad. So...

    Please have a happy new year!

  5. Still have the Christmas cake to bake and 2 gifts to buy. But today a no fun event i have to go to the dentist, yeah

    Happy you dropped by my blog today

    Much ✏love

  6. Books and chocolate sound good to me!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Robin!

  7. Between a good book and chocolate I’d be sated. Enjoy your mad shopping 🙏🏽

  8. Cash is a good option. Let them buy what they want & be filled with cheer!
    Avoid the shopping madness, online shopping is here!
    Happy New Year!
    It's Year End - Anita