Friday, 6 December 2019

Pacifico temptation

So many stories this ocean tells
With its vast seas and washed up shells
I've swum in reefs, worn garlands galore
Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and more
I've danced with brown girls holding me tight
Whose alluring smiles are a delight
Fell in love with their way of life
Wondered about native girl for a wife
Who stole my heart with her dancing feet
Took my hand and writhed to music's beat
One girl smiled and asked for my address 
Hoping to find work in Aus, my guess
It never happened but memories last
Believe me how tempted I was in the past

Illustration of Pacifico -The Pacific Ocean, by Kerry O'Connor@skyloverpoetry


  1. Ah, you have so many love stories. I love this one. I can see her dancing!

  2. This is a delight to read, Robin. The rhythms do make it a song to dance to.

  3. I love this poem, Robin, like a sailor’s yarn, one with a girl in every port. It's very lyrical.

  4. The past is full of all our temptations, and I find it one of the pleasures of age, to sit before the fire and run through them as you do 9in this very neatly done 55, following the what-ifs.

  5. Oh those sweet temptation of youth bring fire to our memories.

  6. This is absolutely stunning, Robin!❤️ The ocean has many tales to share for those who listen.

  7. It never happened but memories last
    Believe me how tempted I was in the past

    Alluring smiles and writhing young bodies could be most challenging to the young heart. It was a near miss, certainly Robin!


  8. So many temptations ... som much that never happened.

  9. I love the lyrical sounds of your poem. It's beautiful.

  10. the ocean and memory lane... a delightful way to spend an evening :)