Tuesday, 24 December 2019


As a young boy about five
I wanted to own a doll
There was just brother and me
Mother shook her head sadly
And just said "We'll see, we'll see"

So she searched for an old one
And asked a neighbour to help
Whose young girl had quite a few
The little girl stood her ground
Shook head, no doll to be found

So as Christmas now drew near
Woke early to find my gifts
Glad to find Santa bought me one
Not a doll but stuffed monkey
Called it Beppo, happy me!

I loved that toy many years
Mended lots as he wore out
Where I went he did too
Slept with me every night
I never woke in a fright

The family moved one year
To nicer house in next town
Found Beppo hadn't come too
Tears were shed I was but nine
Got bike instead, which was fine

In case you ask; yes, this is a true story of me many years ago.


  1. Oh my, nine year olds are so very vulnerable ~~~~

  2. I love your walks down memory lane :-) it must’ve been heartbreaking to be without your stuff monkey 😞

  3. Nice write, sad story. I too had a monkey but have no idea when it left. Mine was made from winter socks, with red heeLs.

  4. I am glad the loss was not to great to the 9 year old boy.

  5. Oh so sad when Beppo disappeared..........I wish I still had the worn black and white teddy whose fur I loved off.