Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Could I talk of you?

The nights are not dark enough
Seeing you there years ago
I spied you standing in the street
As you flicked your hair from your face
Such beauty took me back a pace

Or was it that quizzical stare
As our eyes met you were aware!
So walked right up and smiled at you
Seemed the best thing to do I thought
You just grinned at me...I was caught!

So introduced myself to you
"I know" you said "I asked Tessa"
Yes I knew Tessa, my mate's girl
She was dating my best friend Leigh
The world is quite small don't you see

We walked as she was off to work
And I was too, I did not shirk
T'was a short way from her workplace
So each day we'd meet up for lunch
Our eyes would lock as we did munch

Wasn't long before we got engaged
How contented then we both were
What can I say we were a match
Grabbing the moment when it came
That's how to win the mating game

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  1. I like that final couplet! Seize the moment.

  2. Nice Robin
    Happy Wednesday


  3. It is so good you seized that moment and got to enjoy a wonderful life together ever after. Lovely.

    1. I write so much romantic poetry I am not such it is all about me Sherry, but it is good you think so!

  4. Aha....A wonderful moment indeed! And sweet :)

  5. 'Faint heart never won fair lady'! As your protagonist understood well.