Sunday, 30 September 2018

Her father's face

I rang the bell on Lucy's door
Her father's face wore a frown
Like he wanted to knock me down
Thinking she and I would score

Well that was the plan one fine day
Fact is I was worried stiff
He'd surely give me a biff
If she and I with sex would play

Each boy is a stalker to him
She and I just hand in hand 
But better stuff is our plan
We go to the pool for a swim

I know from the look in her eyes
She likes my touch here and there
She says I'm her teddy bear
Stands cuddles with smiles and sighs

Would be awful for us to part
We blend well in every way
Must be part of her family
To lose her would so break my heart

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  1. This is so sweet. I can see those two, and the father's worried frown.

  2. Ah! That physical attraction--and even a sense of the forbidden--is the beginning of many a relationship.

  3. I hope the two can work it out...between themselves AND with the concerned father.

  4. Ouch... with a father like that you have to be careful. I think he might have a rock-salt shotgun somewhere.

  5. Some fathers can deter unwanted behavior with a well-aimed glare. One can only hope that the boy stuck around long enough to prove to the dad that wanted more than just touch here and there.

  6. Well, it isn't unusual for love to long for a physical expression, but parents sometimes forget their youthful selves and how impetuousness comes naturally to the young.

  7. I love the direction you took this title. 'Her father's face' - now THAT is a loaded image, if ever there was one. Smiles.

  8. Fancy most dads are like that even though all you want to do is go for a swim

    much love...

  9. Monday WRites 174 is live. I invite you to link up

    much love

  10. Beautifully told story of young love, and worried fathers.