Saturday, 22 September 2018

Sweet bride

Maureen sweet bride I loved you from the start
Eyes of green and the way you flicked your hair
Your engaging smile captured my poor heart
But when we touched was the start of our affair
Holding hands we ran from all worldly things
That warm feeling we had for each other
I wake each morning your love in me sings
For you all is pleasure and no bother
I look forward when married we shall be
And in your eyes that trust is apparent
I am so glad our lives we can foresee
Forgive me if I sound so jubilant
As today is our longed for wedding day
Maureen my sweet love holding your bouquet

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  1. a bouquet of love... and words lost in eyes of green.

  2. So beautiful and romantic, a dreamy song...............

  3. This is incredibly sweet and romantic, Robin 💜

  4. Those "eyes of green" are captivating indeed. A sweet and thoroughly romantic sonnet. Lovely!

  5. Such a romantic sonnet, Robin, and I love the subtle touches of colour in 'Eyes of green' and 'my sweet love holding your bouquet'.

  6. What a sweet love song... the color of eyes can be so important

  7. So beautiful, and the story played out as beautifully as you foresaw. Sigh. Loved this, Robin.

  8. Awww, romance is alive and well in Robin's pen. Been there. Done that too. In fact two weddings.

  9. You compose the sweetest, most loving poetry, this is no exception.

  10. what a most endearing and lovely sonnet - very touching ... and wow, particularly wonderful use of the word "jubilant" ... I was so impressed when I reached this point ... any bride would be thrilled I think to receive such a love song :)