Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Her sweet song

O sing a song of the sea
That's good enough for me
I have so many tales to tell
Even more than that seashell

Hold it up close to your ear
It will tell what you most fear
Will Kraken finally wake?
I hope not for all our sakes

Orcas here, cephalopods there
Giant squids hug like a bear
Stingrays are just baby stuff
Beasts in oceans depths are tough

O sing that sea song indeed
Down there you are just their feed
Unless you're a mermaids friend
Love and kisses 'til your end

Her sweet song will entice you
You'll do what she wants you to
You'll paint her nails and eat fish
Go ahead if that's your wish!

Image found at https://2ser.com/mermaid-tempest-and-friends-life-as-a-mermaid/


  1. This is a delightful melody of the sea.

  2. This sea song is quite bewitching — the siren melody can do that but here you also bring about the idea of personal wish of being swayed by all that is offered in this bargain.

  3. Hopefully she isn't the sailor drowning sort and will be happy with a good manicure.

  4. A fun read, Let's eat fish and do a mani-pedi to boot!

  5. A clever and wonderfully written song of the sea Robin! Love it!

  6. The sweet mermaids ... what a lovely way to have protection from the beasts.

  7. a sea-faring little song of delightful note! even for some of the darker depths, indeed, there is always light to be seen, if one swims for it ~

    and I have to say, I'm chuckling with delight at Toni's comment - what a fun tale ... or tail ... :)

  8. that's so much fun! though giant squid bear hugs..don't know about those!!

  9. Tales or tails? I want to hear what the shell says.