Wednesday, 12 September 2018

By your side

I had sat by your side all day
Breath was steady without one word
The nurse checked on you now and then
Smiled at me, saw you had not stirred
"Looks like you need a break" she said
"Yes, I will get something to eat"
So off I went to get back home
To stretch my legs and use my feet

It was almost sunset, phone rang
I'd almost finished my evening meal
It was the hospital that called
"She has gone, please do not rush back"
As darkness fell, I tidied up
Then drove slowly back to town
Having phoned the kids, so they'd know
So kissed her once, then sat down

I then had my last chat with her
As she flew far away from me
Night had fallen so many ways
I was on my own, in the dark
Family came in one by one
Moon came out from behind a cloud
Each child kissed their mother goodbye
I stood, wanting to scream out loud

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  1. OMG...We're almost on the same wavelength today...

  2. A Sweet sad write; thank God for the gift of poetry

    Happy Wednesday Robin

    much love...

  3. A melancholy poem, but one that many of us can identify with, which makes it all the more poignant.

  4. Sun sets in so many ways. The story in this poem and its narrator are very moving--I can see the Light disappear.

  5. Your poem captures the unbearable grief of your situation.Even years later it is still hard to come to terms with the fact they have gone. So very very sad.

  6. So very sad and loving poem.

  7. So sad, Robin. Often, the dying wait till their loved ones have left the room to pass. Perhaps because they cannot bear to leave them, or want to spare them. So much love, you shared. This is a beautiful poem, my friend.

  8. My mother waited for me to leave to die. this poem is so full of deep emotion and love. I understand the wanting to scream.

  9. A sad poem but the depth of silence is felt.

  10. Oh, this sunset's melancholy is profound in its loss. Wanting to scream out loud in this scene makes this grief all the more concrete and heartfelt.

  11. That sunset and the bereavement...poignant grief.

  12. So perfectly beautiful and and sad at the same time. Heart-wrenching.

  13. This particular sunset is sad, with watercolors.

  14. Each child kissed their mother goodbye
    I stood, wanting to scream out loud

    Such a moving moment where almost all will experience in not so very different ways. Great poem Robin!


  15. So terribly sad, but what a beautiful time of the day to go, Robin.

  16. I was there with you, Robin. Devastating and beautiful.