Saturday, 8 September 2018

Our Summer treat

We saw so many stars at the farm
The sky there seemed to be twice as big
As the rising moon winked down at us

The wind too sang a different song
From the gusty lanes of our city home
As grandma wrapped us up off the bus

For this was our usual summer treat
Finding ourselves running free again
Through woods and streams without mother's fuss

She'd surely freak out at what we did
By helping Granddad at milking time
Attaching the machine was a plus

Then we walked to the high rocky peak
Seeing the wide plain reaching the sea
Lay on the grass with new words to cuss

How I miss those days of long ago
I had learned so much by running free
Cities are like being in a truss

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  1. Life at the farm has its own charm doesn't it? It's so different from the hustle and bustle of the city. 💞

  2. Wonderful memories you really create magic in your words

  3. Ah, this gives me a bit of nostalgia as well. Once a summer we used to visit relatives who had a farm. What a different life. I remember one time really enjoying jumping in the hay. The enjoyment did NOT last long, however, as I was GREATLY allergic to the hay and had much trouble breathing soon after. I could never have been a farmers' wife, but it did seem like a more peaceful existence - though hard.

  4. To think that some people feel uncomfortable outside of cities!
    This is a picture of the freedom of escape to the country life.

  5. I love the opening verse Robin, the stars do seem much larger when away from light pollution. One can see so much clearer.

    I take a retreat twice a year up on a mountain and the stars there still burn brighter than any here.

  6. My summers were always spent at my grandma's. I love this poem, Robin.

  7. I never knew a place like this, but it sounds wonderful

  8. It reminds me a bit of family vacations we take up in Maine sometimes. No farm animals, but the kids ramble around, mostly technology free if you can believe it, and have fun.

  9. This piece felt like skipping & the rhymes made me laugh. They sound like lovely summers.

  10. I love living in the country as opposed to the city. This reminds me of trips to the family farm when I was a child. Such a lovely and free life...although there was hard word involved as well!

  11. You have infused this backwards glance to those days of running free with great fondness - and perhaps, a wee bit of yearning. Though those halcyon summers of youth can never be revisited … they can be recalled in cherished memories and put to page. You have done that spectacularly, here, Robin.

  12. Indeed yes, I agree about cities. In my childhood in Tasmania, it was my grandfather's orchards and the nearby bush that gave me that freedom and beauty.

  13. The ideal is to have both. City life is much more enjoyable when you live in the country. You can walk to a shop to buy food. You have lots of water.You have medical facilities. You have internet that works You have Italian delicatessens. You have libraries. You have beaches. you have public transport. You don't have snakes.City folk take all these things for granted

    Ok but you don't have fresh air enormous skies wallabies koalas emus and echidnas and lovely quiet where time moves a lot dont have neighbours can play Mozart full blast at midnight and run around starkers without a visit from the ole bill:)

    1. But Rall you have both don’t you? The beauty of being a writer is that you can touch the minds of readers with a few words and take them into a different fictional world. Thank you and everyone else for your great comments.

  14. You painted a beautiful scene with your poem!