Thursday, 13 September 2018

I met this girl

It was such a long time ago
Beer glass in hand stomping our feet
With trad jazz playing on the stage
Young wild and free this was our age

This night it was Chris Barber's band
Ottilie Patterson sang songs
Money of my own now to spend
Our lives for us would never end

All that stopped when I met this girl
So cute I'd not seen her before
She's got green eyes that sealed my fate
Really must ask her for a date

I spoke to her and she agreed
Turned down jazz but okayed the flicks
I gave her chocs and held her hand 
Yes, it's better than a jazz band

One year later I married her
Found that she was a soprano
Sang in opera locally
I've gone up in the world, you see!

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Yes this was a true story (sort of) edited to make it sound a little better but the date and consequences and my enthusiasm for Chris Barber's band were correct. 


  1. Awww, wonderful! My favorite line is "found that she was a soprano" which seems funny coming after marrying her. This is a terrific snapshot. Even better than a jazz band!

  2. I love any ode to green-eyed girls (we're special!) and if you include jazz, an opera singer when young, wild and free, you've hit the sweet spot! Love this!

  3. I love this... and it gave me joy that this is your own story... and moving up in the world... perfect

  4. A green eyed soprano. But I think I prefer Jazz over Opera - but a bit of both would be perfect.