Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The girl with green eyes

Oh Charity, sweet girl with green eyes
Can I persuade you with my true love
Given freely with kisses and sighs
To bill and coo like a turtle dove

Apart from love what else do you need?
A home of your own with garden green
With flowers galore by sowing seed
And ripest fruit you have ever seen

What else my love do you wish of me
A golden ring on your finger placed
Wed in a church with your family
Then there's a new future to be faced

For there is your smile that is so sweet
You then say what you do really need
A baby to make our lives complete
How could I say no? Your mind I read

So much we have given to each other
As our sweet children now number three
You're the best my love and a mother
I love your eyes, my sweet Charity

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  1. Aw...that's a clever take on the prompt. I had a school friend called Charity Thompson, a Zambian and I've been looking for her in Facebook for so many years in the hope of finding her. Your poem reminded me of her again.

  2. I agree with Sumana--clever, indeed! I can tell from the tone and progress of the poem that there was give and take of charity--of love--here.

  3. You took a completely different take on the prompt. I would never have though of it.

  4. A great romantic poem and as Annell says a unique take on the prompt

  5. So lovely, a woman named sweet to read.

  6. So lovely and endearing Robin. I like the direction you went with it....mine kind of did the same thing.

  7. I ki d of wondered, who would write the prompt as a name. You did and, did well
    Bravo Robin


  8. My mum had a Gordon retriever called Charity and she was beautiful, too. She found her in a pet shop in Wimbledon; she was the last of the litter and nobody wanted her because she had a hernia and the operation was so expensive they were going to put her down. They let my mum have her for nothing as long as she paid for the operation. She was my mum's loyal friend for many years.

  9. Such a sweet poem! Beautiful IS Charity:))).
    We often forget how good it feels to give, and we all need a reminder from time to time. Loved it, Robin.

  10. Love your take on the prompt, Old Egg! A girl called Charity! Wonderful!

  11. Thanks for linking up at Monday WRites Robin

    Much love...