Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hidden paths

Once we walked the hidden paths
Travelling wide foreign lands
Laughing kissing holding hands
Walking barefoot on the sands
Until announcing wedding banns

Time is cruel you did not stay
Tears were shed including mine
Did our job in family line
Young ones grow they're doing fine
But for me the sun does not shine

For I'm not whole without you
I hate it that memories fade
Except that clinging saudade
That's you waiting unafraid
For that time with you I'm laid

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Needless to say saudade doesn't really rhyme with the other ...ade endings but if I had used that rhyme I would have written a poem about the artist Dada, but I didn't; sorry!


  1. I felt the emotion in your "Saudade" Lovely poem.

  2. I burst out laughing at the last line...then realised my mistake. Jokes aside- a beautiful tribute and a lovely reminder that our loved ones are waiting for us.

    1. Silly me I should have twigged the alternate meaning. It doesn’t matter it got a laugh from you!

  3. Oh wow, this captures that sense of melancholy longing so well.

  4. I do firmly believed our dead loved ones wait for us.

  5. Waiting unafraid for the time...sounds like a poem about widowhood.

  6. Alas... love has that part of an afterwards... sad to be alone.

  7. memories and duties and the inevitable, yet all the more hard to bear when unexpected or too soon .... but when time is called, it is, as it is - and the idea of waiting beyond, is such a comfort for many ~ well done in expression of the longing ...

  8. They would have stayed if they could. I love that you reassure her the young ones are doing well.

  9. I like this, Robin. Quite a family occurrence, one without ending.

    "Once we walked the hidden paths
    Time is cruel you did not stay
    ... I'm not whole without you"

  10. The idea of joining with loved ones who have gone before, is a comforting thought.