Sunday, 16 September 2018

At the bakery

I met her at the bakery
At the corner of High Street
Went in as I was hungry
And wanted something to eat

Oh what a smashing girl she was
Behind the cafe counter
Dark eyes, dark hair, wore a sari
Did she swept me off my feet!

So sat right there to chat her up
Took her to the pub that night
Was happy to be there with me
Found a table and a seat

She had a glasss of soft drink
While I had a whiskey shot
I loved her jangling jewellry
Her sweet looks were hard to beat

She told me she made her own clothes
Spun round like a compass point
Western style called Shalwah Kameez
Eyes like lanterns were a treat

Chatted a while, then took our leave
Rode the subway on way home
Found a dandelion on the path
Blew it to win this girl so sweet

I saw her again the next day
Eager eyes met mine once more
I was smitten when she said
"My parents, you must meet"

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Note: Tradition has it that if you blow all the floating seeds off a dandelion in one go your wish will come true.


  1. What a great wish - I love that dandelion

  2. A sweet tale, nicely told - but the unanswered question remains: did you stay with it, or run away at this point Robin?? Look forward to the next episode!

  3. Love this tale. Sounds like love at first sight and an optimistic ending!

  4. Ah, this is quite a romanticized first encounter. Sweet, in its demure sights and lights.

  5. This is absolutely lovely to read and envision Robin! 💞

  6. Ah young love! It lease us longing for the rest of the story!

  7. Oh I love the young enchantment... the first step of many

  8. A sweet story..........hopefully her parents will not disapprove. I love the blowing of the dandelion!

  9. Sweet and demure is this love tale.

  10. Ah, the lure of the exotic! Next, I'd love to read a poem about that meeting with the parents.

  11. eyes like lanterns - I am sure that was pure enchantment for you :)

  12. Easy to envision this poetry scene. Well done.

  13. Lovely poem about how lovers might have met.

  14. One can't read this without smiling. What a treat.