Sunday, 23 September 2018

It rained last night

It rained last night, music on the roof
But then a dripping sound was the proof
There was a leak, I need buckets fast
Water splashing, this was not the last

Wife dreamt on, she was in fairy land
Buckets here, dishes there, lamp in hand
While I toiled found tarpaulin in the shed
To put on roof and get back to bed

Water swirled around every garden plot
I took the tarp up, what a crackpot
Tied it to gutter on either side
Then got back down and then went inside

I planned to call roofer in the morn
I stood there naked as day was born
Turned the tap planning to take a bath
When wife comes in, sees me, has a laugh

Asks who I was talking to outside
"Just the fish, who worried about high tide"
She sponges my back, washes my hair
Then steps in the bath without a care

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  1. "Asks who I was talking to outside
    "Just the fish, who worried about high tide"...Haha

  2. Ha...bathing together saves water...a lot of that goes on in the bush...saving water I mean:)

  3. Hate leaking roofs. But the ending make the drama all worthwhile!

  4. What a lovely and romantic ending to a difficult situation. The roof can be dealt with another day!!

  5. Haha πŸ’– love the comic timing in this poem, Robin!😊

  6. We've had a couple of days of rain while we were in Oxford - and we heard that music on the roof! Personally, I love the sound of rain but I'm not keen on leaks - we've had a few of them.

  7. Unexpected but perfect end to late night roof repairs. :)

  8. My friend had just such a night in our storm the other day, hanging a tarp in the downpour, with a roaring wind. Even more precarious as his roof is on a houseboat! Very bouncy.

  9. I would hate to go up at night like that, but with a reward in the end it might be worth the effort.

  10. Ha! Very cute depiction of banter and affection between a couple.

  11. Love the humor and playfulness throughout.

  12. Rescued by sweetness and afection, which turn a possible flood into a sensual bath.

  13. What a resourceful and adventurous fellow! Loved the line about the fish, and the happy ending.

  14. You have drawn this piece, brilliantly - to great comic effect. And the ending is absolutely fab. If only all of life's annoyances, could end on such a delightful note.

  15. What a creative poem. What a night! So easy to picture it all and made me laugh.

  16. I love that she stepped into the bath - magic end to a wet night.
    Anna :o]

  17. like life...delightful with a tinge of worry and beautiful ending...!!

  18. Ha the last very is very funny
    Have a nice week. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday this week Robin

    much love...

  19. Robin, thanks for linking to Monday WRites 173