Tuesday, 18 September 2018

I'm alone

I could tell it from your eyes
I could see it in the skies
The wind made a mournful sound
Soon this land would be snowbound

You sought to flee from the cold
No longer for me to hold
I crave your love, why break up?
I needed your loving cup

She's now gone and I'm alone
I hear the winds mournful drone
Rain lashes the window pane
Hope for letters all in vain

Snow is falling all day long
Not one bird singing their song
The cold silence shatters me
Just where on earth can you be?

I shopped today at the store
Stocked right up with food galore
Saw this lass with greenest eyes
Concentrating on her buys

I looked at her and she me
Both smiled, should have said "Yippee!"
Her eyes, nose, lips were the best
She's the one, I am impressed

Warmest winter I have known
So much better not alone
Spring's coming and birds they sing
I don't want for anything

Image found at http://www.myhomescience.com/hate-drafty-windows/


  1. Love at first sight . . . and food! I love it!

  2. What better place to meet 'the one'...than at a supermarket! Sweet :)

  3. It's always darkest right before dawn is breaking.

  4. Nothing like a trip to the grocery store to find cupid doing his magic.

  5. Breaking up and having to be the one forced to let go can undo the best of us... But yes, spring always comes back, even after the coldest of winters... especially after the coldest of winters.

    1. Since I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy, this line made me smirk, "I needed your loving cup".

    2. Here was I trying to form a rhyme and you come to expose my weakness!