Saturday, 29 September 2018

Starry eyed

She was all starry eyed
Now twinkling down at me
Felt her heat as she passed
Radiating her love
As she orbited close to me

"You are my sun" she said
Circlng by my side
"You are my warmth" she went on
You are attracting me
Her eyes sparkled flirtatiously

Gravity pulled her down
She landed in my lap
Fitting like hand in glove
Our warmth was such she said
"Why don't you make love to me?"

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  1. Such a romantic take on the theme, Robin. I love all the space-related vocabulary: starry, twinkling, radiating and orbited, for example,and especially the lines:
    'Gravity pulled her down
    She landed in my lap'.

  2. This galactic love is really sweet — we owe a lot to the gravity as is evident here. Ha!

  3. Oh the gravitational force of love... it is a lot like falling to fall in love.

  4. A sweet live poem. Akin to the gravitational pull of the black hole

  5. Robin, you always write such heart-warming poems. Love all the way...yay!!