Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Felled forest

What do we need to see the truth
Of creatures habits here on Earth
Who can tend the land and sea's song?
Who by their actions do much wrong?

One thing to eat fruit from a tree
But felled forest a shame to see
Or kill life in fossil oil quest
When sun shines each day east to west

The oceans provide so much food
But our trash and waste does no good
What dirty creatures mans kind are
Careless here at home and afar 

Hibernating birds fail to come
Industry trashed their Asian home
Waste dumped in seas kill a reef
Man's a foul beast beyond belief

Politicians no problem see
All the while banks cheer with glee
Puppeteers pull strings of blind men
Thinking they'll take gold to heaven

For the climate will make a change
As storms and tides will disarrange
But man will want a profit still
Must keep money filling the till

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  1. You nailed it! The evidence is there, but we read it differently. People of profit lead--that's the blind leading the blind.

  2. What IS the answer to your opening question, anyway?

  3. This was my thinking, when i saw the prompt.....all the evidence governments and multinationals choose to ignore. Sigh. Well said, Robin.

  4. This week also we're almost on the same wavelength. Ha, this is wonderful.

  5. "Thinking they'll take gold to heaven." Exactly!

  6. A powerful write and beautifully written poem Robin! Sadly your lines are oh so true. :-(

  7. Humankind has truly trashed this planet, all in the name of profit.

  8. Oh how we humans plunder mother nature for profit, and then cry fowl when she responds.

  9. Willful blindness dooms us all. A prophetic write!

  10. Oh absolutely.. worst species ever...who destroys their own home..their only home?

  11. What a profound write and dead on to the issues facing us.

  12. Foolish thinking indeed...
    "Puppeteers pull strings of blind men
    Thinking they'll take gold to heaven"

    ❤much loveđź’›