Thursday, 27 September 2018

In the garden

I lay in the garden
Then looked across at the sky
Clouds scudding above

The busy bees hummed
All the flowers looked pleased
Clearly they're in love

Wife called out to me
How I adore this sweet lass
We're like hand in glove

Married bliss that's us
On this so beautiful Earth
Playing push and shove

Her eyes are so green
She belongs in the garden
See how she does bloom

She'll have baby soon
How the sweet birds will sing then
Love will fill each room

When you are in love
What mountains you both can climb
To banish ones gloom

For all our lives long
Should ever be that garden
Of such sweet perfume

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The allegory here is that we must love the world to ensure its survival


  1. A happy poem. Nice to read a poem of contentment

  2. A beautiful poem of love, including love of the earth. Thank you, Robin. I have an environmentalist friend who once told me, Mother Earth can feel our psin. Let her feel our joy too.

  3. How hopeful...joyous .... beautiful!!

    1. This sreeja from

  4. I think that when we are in love nature seems even sweeter.

  5. Nice Senryƫ sequence poem, Robin. That child will be born with the purest he/she will ever be.

  6. I like haiku in series like this. @Jim, what makes it a Senryu?