Tuesday, 25 September 2018

There I met you

Once I was a nomad
Searching for water and food
But then I found a river
On the edge of a small wood

It was there I met you
Fetching your daily water
Lowered your eyes seeing me
You're the neighbour's daughter

You were there next day
Nodded your head in greeting
Then filled ewer with water
Sat by me while fishing

But you said not one word
But laughed when a fish I caught
Which I gave you as a gift
You smiled, ran off as you ought

But each day you came there
Your smile was a joy to see
Not long before the hugging
And making love with me

So many years have passed
Children have come, number four
A beautiful wife you are
Just who could ask for more? 

Image found at https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/438326976203099547/


  1. These are lovely memories indeed ~~~~

  2. This is such a poignant write, Robin 💖

  3. There is a beautiful simplicity in a story of true love.

  4. Ah, this is such a romantic tale, so sweet in its narration.

  5. I love the shyness that progressed into love... maybe this is how we should learn to know each other.

  6. A true love story in poetry! Truly beautifully written Robin!!

  7. I so enjoy your love stories, Robin.