Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Where my love is found

Home? He laughed out loud
When they asked him where he'd go 
On his holiday

I feel more at ease
Walking on a lonely beach
Or in the forest green

Where the sea's whisper
Sings me a sweet lullaby
And soothes me to sleep

Fish nibbling my toes
There a crab waving a Hi!
And the broad blue sky

Breakers they'll applaud
At my visiting again
I know my heaven

The sand in my toes
The fresh salt wind in my eyes
With the scent of brine

Then there's the dark woods
With the tall whispering pines
I crave that feeling

Rustling of wild things
Now checking just who I am
Owls hoot the all clear

Creatures wander round
For they are not frightened of me
As insects buzz by

The stream ripples on
Little birds twitter and dive
Such place could I die

All my stress is gone
My happiness is found there
Of which do I dream

But you're right he said
I am going home once more
Where my love is found

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  1. It is a blessing when one can be alone in the wilderness and feel completely at home.

  2. When the world feels like your home it is very special - i think it is a feeling inside - a belonging..wherever that maybe

  3. I think the earth holds a memory as we hold one of it. It welcomes you Robin as you touch it lovingly.

  4. Lovely reminder of the beauty and peace of nature.

  5. to be so in tuned with planet earth, surely is a blessing

    Have a nice Wednesday Robin

    much love...

  6. This is so beautifully profound! :D

  7. Well, you must know how deeply I identify with this poem. Every word and line. It is so very beautiful, Robin!!

  8. "Then there's the dark woods
    With the tall whispering pines
    I crave that feeling"....still now true peace and tranquility to be found here...home for souls weary of the noisy world...and i also echo Sherry's words....

  9. Gorgeous write and it pulls me toward my own home

  10. I would be thrilled if a little crab waved hi to me!

  11. I loved this. Made me feel like going to my special place in the mountains of Taos, NM. I guess that's my second home, I feel loved there. Lovely writing Robin.

  12. Home is really where one's love is found indeed! That is the most important quality of home.

  13. Nature does give us a sense of tranquility a feeling of being home..

  14. Both preferences are perfect! And the poem is gorgeous.

  15. Take a bow. Lovely read. just perfect

  16. Such a pull Nature has...our true home. Beautiful poem.

  17. I relate to every word in the second half of the poem. The forests are my favourite(st) haunts. "My happiness is found there", too.

    The writing is so very beautiful.

  18. It is so good to know our own heaven(s) on earth!