Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I knew Susie

I knew Susie once
There was something about her
We were friends one time

Fighting for causes
Fierce animal activist
Impolite at best

Hair knotted in bun
Always waving a placard
Livid complexion

She lived with her cats
And a bitser dog named Gruff
Me once in a while

That figures of course
She let her hair down for me
If you get the drift

Note:  Bitser = mongrel dog

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  1. Drift got - and i love the word Bitser - I often wondered if placard women let their hair down for anyone..

  2. :D Love it. Yeah, I get the drift. Thanks for the translation of "bitser". I needed it.

  3. Sound like the kind of woman I'd run a mile from!

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  4. love the way you expressed...

  5. Fancy letting her hair down for you! :)