Wednesday, 27 April 2016

One Day

Jimmy Matthews lived with his Dad and his new wife Dawn who came from the East coast.

He could vaguely remember his own mother who used to have him on her lap and cuddle him close and he could feel how soft and warm she was how safe it felt like that.

Dawn was OK but if she ever mentioned his Ma she would call her "the Ex" which he didn't really understand.

As he grew older he often wondered whether he would ever meet his real Mum again and hoped that could happen one day.

After he had been at school a few years and started to learn new words he discovered the word excellent and thought about his mother again and how that word fitted her.

He determined that when he was older he would try to find her and tell her how much that her loved and missed her.

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  1. Ex is for excellent. A sad, sweet story told from a young boy's perspective. Good one.

  2. Nice take!!!! I expected so many divorce and breakup stories....excellent is perfect.

  3. Lovely take and wonderful ending! :)

  4. A sweet story depicting the eternal bond between mother and child... :-)

  5. What a wonderful way to transform "ex" in this little boy's heart. It breaks mine that children are so often the ones who suffer most in divorces, and sometimes parents can be so callous about it. I hope this little boy did reconnect with his mother and was able to rebuild a relationship with her that lasted for the rest of her days. I'm betting she missed him as much as he missed her. Great job, Old Egg! You have the emotions of life down pat!

  6. yeah, nice play on the opposing 'ex' Ex-wife and Excellent (mom...)
    (how the hell do kids, at the very young age, make any sense of the world!

  7. Difficult sometimes for adult to remember that using reference like that can color a child's perspective. In this case, I like where the boy took it.