Wednesday 13 April 2016

Path to the future

Suns opaque shyness
It was one of those grey days
Everything was sad

Even the wind moaned
Melancholy, boisterous no more
Mature in mourning

There's always hope though
Laughing child and nimble lamb
May give us all hope

Mankind offends all
Mountains crumble and seas weep
Yet children still play

Lay me down to rest
Sure that a little one sees
Path to the future

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  1. Being able to be child and play is the greatest hope - and a wonderful one to pass on to the next generation

  2. 'Sure that a little one sees
    Path to the future'

    children always make us see true beauty and hope

  3. I love the freshness on insight the little ones bring with them as we all fall into the future.

  4. I love the strength of the second Haiku Stanza, 'Even the wind moaned' wonderfully done!

  5. Yes, children are delightful. They only know hope.