Sunday, 24 April 2016

It's spring again

It's Spring again
Larks are rising
Ascending to have a talk
While I take a country walk

Woodpecker knocks
Minnows darting
In the cooling forest streams
This the season of my dreams

Buds are bursting
Tadpoles wriggle
From clustered grapes of frog spawn
Lamb babes skip from early dawn

So this is life
I am awake
No need to prick my flesh now
Farmers out with horse and plough

As evening falls
Nightingales sing
This my temple of delight
Spring you are my one true light

I lay down now 
My day is done
Spring like heady wine has spoke
Sleep now wraps me with her cloak

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  1. This is so beautiful...Poetry expressed in all its glory.One of your best I think.
    You have captured all the wonder of Spring...I am assuming you must be in the northern hemisphere..