Wednesday, 20 April 2016

We were friends

We were friends that is all
Reading chatting laughing
About all things but us

Sat in the library
Knew each other but not
If you get what I mean

What were we studying?
Books, plays, and opera
Not each other, Oh no!

But then we played tennis
She in shorts with long legs
Her cute smile just for me

Later I'd walk her home
But still we did not touch
'Til that very first time

Just where had we both been?
So I kissed her goodnight
And that started it all

Now it was electric
Our voices whispered love
Such a change had occurred

We embraced each other
I even kissed her toes
Passion was our secret

Sadly love did not last
We never kissed goodbye
But I did make her cry

Oh how I miss her so
Her eyes her voice her smile
What was it that went wrong?

I too have wept my tears
I know not where she's gone
Love is not always kind

In this piece I interpreted the prompt Organic to be a poem that tells a story which grows, flourishes then dies.

Image found at www.goodreads,com


  1. Your interpretation of the prompt more than works for me. I think you've addressed this topic before, but never quite so deeply, reaching into the mystery of the love--its slow growth, kissing and tears.

  2. Sometimes not kissing goodbye is the best way to let a relationship end...

  3. a unique take on the prompt...

  4. Such a wonderful take on the prompt :D

  5. A love's misfortune not intended can be so sorrowful! Wonder where is she now!


  6. My son sounds just like this. He recently broke up with his girlfriend.

  7. I like your interpretation of the prompt. Made me focus on the fact that everything ends.

  8. This is a cool twist on the prompt. Sadly, not all love stories work out. We'll done, Robin.

  9. Love does indeed seem to have a life of it's own - which makes it organic - a clever interpretation of the prompt

  10. Oh, so often this happens, unfortunately. What seems to be perfection after a time fades away....leaving at least one of the two missing what they had enjoyed and had hoped would last forever.

  11. I think you misread it. Organic, not orgasmic.

    1. I did my research and now I am shattered!