Thursday, 14 April 2016

Waiting for the day

At long last she heard his key in the lock and he was finally home.

"Have you managed to eat?" she asked as he flopped in the chair in front of the TV calling him from the kitchen.

He stared at the screen, silent, deaf to her and to the voices in front of him and it was then she knew something was wrong.

She feared this day would come; the succession of late nights, the feeble excuses about work and worse still his disinterest in her.

Bravely she asked; Is there something you want to say to me for I can tell something is wrong?"

"I'm leaving you" he said and she breathed a sigh of relief and thought it had taken him long enough to tell her as everyone else knew and she had been waiting for this day.

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  1. I think its rare when people are completely broadsided by this situation. The signs really need to be ignored for that to happen....or the other person's incredibly skillfil to dupe everyone

  2. It's the ones who don't really intend to leave, but want to continue a double life, that bother me the most.

  3. I didnt expect this end. I want to know more.

  4. damn... (I wonder how many Readers felt that 'damn, that's awful' response, the scenario of your Six being, unfortunately not that rare)

    1. Or to suit your post the wurst case scenario.

  5. I would like to rewrite the ending and have her tell him to "Get Out" , the cad. Can you tell I can't abide cheating husbands?

  6. Sadly, many partners, self included, put up with that crap far too long, even when they know the reality (and at some level they usually do). She should have long since given him the boot, but I suspect she loved him and was hoping he'd get his act together. She should not have had to ask him, he should have been man enough to tell her before now. SIGH, I go with Val's ending! :-)

  7. She had a lot of patience. SHE should have told him he was leaving...not the other way around!

  8. It sounds as though there are a lot of strong women writers at least! I am sure that in the US as in Australia there are the wives who are scared that their husbands will be violent with them which keeps them quieter than perhaps they should be.