Wednesday, 27 April 2016


She was the baby
The last of our children
How we all loved her

When she woke crying 
I kissed away her sad tears
Still she wanted Mum

She was the last one
Very soon she was the boss
Coming to our bed

For her midnight snack
So I then slept in the lounge
I was well behaved

No tantrums from her
Often she'd sleep on my lap
Put to bed later

She's all grown up now
Those tender years have now passed
I'd have them over

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  1. Yes there are some sacrifices worth making - how quickly time goes

  2. What a lovely father you were, sorry, are!

    Wobbly Wosey!

  3. yes those years go to fast but we have our memories.

  4. I tell myself I will get to revisit the best part of them when I start to get grand children. I'm ever hopeful, anyway.

  5. Oh yes, how it goes by fast...I would have them over again...fortunately my grandson is the spitting image of his mom.

  6. Oh yes! At least with grandchildren I can take them home.