Thursday, 21 April 2016

After the break up

She knew she was right and that she had to give Paul up as they just weren't going anywhere; to tell the truth he was boring.

He was devastated of course as he had planned on being with Nicky for ever having a beautiful wedding with her on his arm in all the wedding photos.

She relaxed after the break up and started going out with the girls again to nightclubs and getting really smashed.

That was fine until one night one particularly anxious creep would not take no for an answer and was waiting for her on her way home.

When she resisted he roughed her up  and smacked her around the face and left her sobbing on the ground by a street light.

Laying there on a bed in casualty she wept tears of regret and wished she hadn't ditched Paul all those months ago.

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  1. How sad that her choices got limited to boring or dangerous.... Middle ground...

  2. Sad how the choices we make can hurt us. Well told!

  3. She has no cause to regret if this was what could have happened. It would be stormy! Very intense Old Egg!


  4. Sounds like she freed herself from one not too happy situation but walked into another by not being cautious and making herself vulnerable in a bad situation. Love is not dependency, they are not the same. I feel bad for her, I hope she gets it right next time.

  5. Replies
    1. Sorry Paul, I cant keep using the same names over and over again. Paul may never appear again but if it does he will be the hero!

  6. You always weave an interesting tale with a lesson in it.