Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fine Dining

Whining and dining
Taking kids to restaurant
For it was a treat

Lucy in her red shoes
Ouch! She now kicking my shins
Just where are their meals?

Tommy spills his drink
Napkins are in short supply
Ants are in his pants

A couple nearby
Wishing they were miles from us
Are having a blue

Ah! Good news at last
Waiter has finally come
Our meals have arrived

Then Tommy lets loose
He now wants what Lucy has
Gone green in the face

Room's almost empty
It's strange we had to book
Try Macca's next time

Note: "Having a blue" is an Australian expression meaning having an argument

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  1. There is a reason i didn't have children - thank you for reminding me of that :~

  2. That is the face I used to make when my mother wanted me to eat peas

  3. I can see the scene, fine dining indeed!

  4. LOL, and yet people persist in thinking dining out with kids is fun.

  5. Oh my this reminds me of my kids when they were toddlers. They were not crying but they could not sit still. They kept wanting to visit other tables or playing under our table. We had to eat in a hurry and leave. Not fine dining at all.

  6. haha - oh yes, I have seen that scene before...

  7. Not such a happy outing ... I don't remember a situation quite as bad as the one you described ... and I thank my stars for that! (Thanks for tell us what having a blue means!) Bastet

  8. kids are not supposed to cry,
    i bet tommy will love school and computer games.