Friday, 22 April 2016

There now below me

I climbed the mountain
Looked down to the world below
Vision of darkness

There now before me
My beautiful world now scarred
My face hid with shame

Such fires and smoke belched
Forested hills felled naked
An unholy mess

What prophet saw this?
I weep for all the children
As I close my eyes

Who will save the world
Just who'll atone for this sin?
World's light is now dimmed

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  1. Lovely and haunting Robin the desecration of the earth is a very great worry. So well done.

  2. This is beautifully poignant..! I was especially touched by the closing line "The world's light is now dimmed." Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :)

    Lots of love,

  3. Its hard to look at those scars and not feel sadness, and yes shame.

  4. Heavy-hearted, I can only echo your sad rhetorical questions.

  5. If only the shame your poem speaks of reached more people. The world is so worry about getting what it wants (what it's sure it needs) that it fails to see that soon there will be no world left. We are a pest, and terribly ignorant pest.

  6. This is so pointed, and just the kind of commentary needed around earth day.

  7. Just who'll atone for this sin?
    World's light is now dimmed

    Greed by the developers assisted by the politicians a fatal combination. Not caring for Mother Earth at all. Very true Old Egg!


  8. As long as there are people i think the world is doomed - but on that cheery note - i loved the do have to wonder what would he think

  9. Greed for power and money is destroying our planet so rapidly, the apocalypse doesn't seem improbable or far away.

  10. A timely piece. One can only hope it's not reversible.

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  11. This is so sad, OE. It's the truth in your words that haunts.

  12. After reading your words, that final photo sent a chill down my spine. Mankind is so sure that we are the ultimate of God's creation and yet we systematically destroy that very creation. We know so very little about healing.


  13. This is such a damning indictment on a real predicament that we find ourselves powerfully presented here in your words.

  14. Tragic, and unfortunately too true.

  15. I share Marilyn's response.
    A different twist and poetic material for you this week, eh?