Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I do love her

I walked to the beach
The sea is my friend...sometimes
She tells me stories

She pacifies me
Lulling me with her beat of waves
On the sandy shore

Then sometimes angry
Raging drunk with a power
That inspires me so

When after the storm
She finally calms herself
So much like a wife

So I sing to her
With that she kisses my feet
Oh, I do love her

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  1. So much fun and pleasure and so much peace the beach can extend to us. It can also provide lots of inspiration. Very true Old Egg, very much like a wonderful wife!


  2. The sea can be a fickle mistress - not called La mer for 'nout!

  3. The sea is my best friend. I spend a little time with her every single day. You've described her perfectly.

    Keith's Ramblings

  4. As friends go, one of the most forgiving.