Saturday, 9 April 2016

Love you Daddy

Talk to me she said
As I tucked her up in bed
Tell me a story

I knew what she liked
We both went on adventures
In magic circles

Riding fast horses
In tales of fairies and gnomes
In dripping dark caves

Beneath the surface
Befriending fierce dragons
Riding on the their backs

Just us together 
Meeting the good fairy queen
By a flowing stream

Then used and abused
By an evil witch and dwarfs
Until hope at last

As we both escape
To fight and win in the end
Cheering in the stands

I see my daughter
She is asleep at long last
Hearing the story

As I kiss her now
She murmurs "Love you Daddy"
I turn out the light

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  1. Lovely. Those were good days, weaving stories for those little imps, making them giggle by using funny voices.

  2. It is good to have someone to help you fight off the dragons - and introduce you to the fairy queen..what every child needs

  3. Sweetness! Sharing books with children is a treasure. You capture the joy well, OE. It's obvious that reading with kids was / is a habit for you. I wish it were true in every household.

  4. It's strange that a story which would give me bad dreams has such a soporific effect on a child. I glklad I didn't read this before going to bed!

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  5. How wonderful is the world of bed-time stories .. especially read by a little girls's Prince Charming. Bastet

  6. What a magical circle of tender moments in Daddy/Daughter love :-)

  7. Wonderful. I'm lulled by this.