Saturday, 15 August 2015

Totally alone

Blood pumps through my veins
I remember you yet again
The one that escaped

I should not complain
Or wear sackcloth and ashes
To be a pale ghost

Happiness was ours 
Generating such sweet love
Engines of desire

I relished your laugh
Our feasting on each other
But now I'm empty

For you broke away
Left me totally alone
Joy torn from my heart

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  1. Unrequited love! The engines of desire (single cylinder, reciprocating?) is a powerful image. Nice compact use of the words.

  2. Ah, the one that got away. Perhaps it was for the best.

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  3. Did she get away or escape, like that fish who spits out the hook just as it breaks water and the one holding the now empty line sees how truly huge it was? Like the haiku format, seems to emphasize the committed effort of the speaker to not let loose all those feelings of disappointment and loss.


  4. "Engines of desire"---I like that.

  5. Good poem and clever use of the word sack, Robin. Nicely done.