Saturday, 8 August 2015

Delving Deep

She took my hands in hers
Looked first at my palms
Then deep into my eyes
My heart just like a drum beat
As she read me, knowing me
Scouring, scrying my past
And reading the future
By her diviners ancient art
Delving deep into my soul
Parting the web of my mind
Uttering a rattle in her throat
That slowly receded to a gasp
She opened her eyes wide
Only then to cry out
Staring at her fingers
Spread wide overlapping
Like a spiders web
All the while chanting
Some ancient dirge
Sending chills through me
She now knew me totally
Traced the thread of my past
From ages long gone
Expunged all my sins
Both known and unknown
Then plunged her hands 
Deep into a pouch at her waist
And plastered my face
With a cleansing powder
Then uttered so quietly
"You are welcome here stranger"
As I blinked and bowed my head
In grateful acceptance
For had wooed a village maiden

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Note: I have used the word "scrying' as telling of both the past and future.


  1. I like your poem, oldegg and the way you used the words :) well-penned!

  2. Nice bit of story telling. Enjoyed it.

  3. You have written three very distinct pieces today Old Egg..each one beautiful and immersive in their own ways..and in some way connected to the story of being human i guess

  4. This has a lovely calm sense of dignity to it. Nicely written.

  5. nice response Robin
    have a good Sunday

    much love...

  6. Like how you used the words to get at all those details that allow your reader into this shared experience,


  7. Oh this just perfect. You made good use of teh words

  8. What a great story, O.E. It really takes your breath away, and ends like a calm sea. Amazing photograph.

  9. I enjoyed this write very much, intriguing, mysterious and a lovely ending ...

  10. This has such an anthropological feel to it...I love it.