Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Without a thought

The baby played in the filth on the floor and stared at is quizzically. I turned and nodded to my assistant to care for the child while I attended to the mother on the couch. The room was a mess. Clothing, papers and disarray everywhere as I checked to see if the woman was conscious or even still alive. 

I guessed she had been popping pills as there were no syringes in sight. I phoned for an ambulance as I couldn't get any response from the woman except that she was still alive. My assistant came back; looked at me  and said, " The baby has bad nappy rash ..." and pausing, "... some bruising...I think we should call an ambulance."

I nodded as my assistant went back to the baby. The woman was still inert; still no movement, breathing shallow, she was totally blacked out. Ambulance for her too.

Just then a strange man came in through the door.

"What the fucking hell do you think you are doing here?" he shouted.

"And you are? I asked politely.

"I bloody live here bitch. You can get out straight away".

Still defiant he stood his ground, as I explained that I was responding to a call for assistance.

"Well now I am here, you can get out."

"I am sorry sir, but the baby and this woman are in need of medical treatment and it is my duty to arrange that." I paused trying to keep calm. "Perhaps you could give me some details while we wait for an ambulance."

He was about to protest again when my assistant returned to the room and said, "They'll be here in a few minutes"

The man turned around angrily to see who this newcomer was and stared a 6'3" cop with a gun in his holster and the baby quiet in his arms.

Without a thought he darted for the door and ran off down the stairs.

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  1. Presumably caught and treated well for his deeds. Some people have all the nerves to face the law in spite of their ill deeds...

  2. Justice served...I admire this change in format Old Egg..the empathy and warmth for your characters still very present...

  3. haha I love that the newcomer he saw was a 6'3" cop with a gun in his holster and the baby quiet in his arms. I love the way you wrote this

  4. Apparent only at the end. Great suspense and a whiff of freshness with a prose as opposed to the verses of others. Great lines oldegg!