Wednesday, 5 August 2015

To the ends of the Earth

"Tell me again" She said
"Say the names of the places you love"

So I told her

They have all been with you
Meeting you from work
Walking arm in arm
Touching at the flicks
You sat in my lap
Kissing you alone
Just us on the beach
Lost in the forest
Laughing in the rain
Climbing that mountain
Nestled in my arms
Snuggled up so close
Waking by your side
You coming with me 
To the ends of the earth

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  1. When you find the right person they are certainly worth following to the ends of the earth - long may you be happy in those places

  2. any place is the best place with the person you love...a beautiful take on the prompt...

  3. Now THAT is the best place ever. How fortunate that you had that for so many years, Robin. You were so lucky to have found each other. I love this response to the prompt!!!!!

  4. I thought that was lovely. Greetings!

  5. Ah, this is so true in many cases. It is more the WHO than the WHERE that makes an impact.

  6. Wow! This is such a beautiful and a romantic poem. So true, with your love by your side, even an ordinary place looks like a paradise.

  7. What a love poem. Magnificent.

  8. loves makes every footstep memorable

    much love...

  9. This is beautiful and spoken from the heart.

  10. Love does create its own favorite places.

  11. I like your short lines. They keep the focus on the moments spoken.

  12. How beautiful! And indeed how true... :-)