Wednesday, 12 August 2015

It was her eyes

It was her eyes of course
And the way they looked down
Shyly, lest I spy them
She would be unguarded

Her hands held together
Her pretty thumbs moving
Soft, unblemished, warm brown
Such beauty by themselves

None else saw her as I did
Raven hair now shielding
Her charming classic face
In the end she looked up

Quickly looked down again
A small smile on her face
Her lips full and moving
I saw her toes wriggle

Her father must be seen
If she is to be mine
As though she read my thoughts
She looked up and nodded

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  1. Beauty is found best in the form of simplicity :D
    Beautifully penned.

  2. There is definitely the beauty that is innocence, which is what I feel in this. I feel the expectation and even desire a bit there. Ha, the flirting a bit, even if we dont even notice.

  3. Wonderful. Such a great portrayal of the innocence and beauty.

  4. I love this poem which you've woven so delicately which is beauty about...every line reveals that...

  5. What lovely description. And yes, it IS often the eyes first of all....

  6. Oh this is an intriguing tale! I so enjoyed reading.

  7. You have captured the charm & allure of the beautiful woman ~ Nice romantic story ~

  8. This is so romantic and heart warming. Loved this poem :)

  9. so personal and dear - a beauty

  10. Another lovely, romantic tale from your talented pen.

  11. You saw there was beauty in her soul. Those eyes. Yes I well understand. Lovely poem

    Thanks for stopping by to read mine Robin
    Much love...

  12. Oh I like this. You paint this scene beautifully with your words.

  13. Great take on the prompt. The dimension of needing permission makes the poem go much deeper than it would have otherwise.