Sunday, 23 August 2015

The best of times

The best of times comes
When life renews
That sweet smell of dung 
Enters my lungs
Seeds sown now do sprout
Rise up and smile

The brook flows again
Laughing with joy
Robins, moles and frogs
Bask in the warmth
As corn lifts its head
On farming land

Vines soon blush with pride
As grapes cluster
Basking in summer
As I do too
When I reach for you
To kiss your lips

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  1. Oooo...that ending snuck up on me!

  2. Ah, the sensual smell of dung always makes me feel romantic too! A delightful piece indeed.

    (btw, the link from Whirligig doesn't work - the first letter 'b' is missing from your URL)

  3. Nice hints of farming, of sowing and reaping in that first part. Sow love and romance and you will def have a marvelous harvest. Ha. And I like all the life in the second stanza. Well played.

  4. Nothing as wonderful as a kiss experienced in such a natural setting!

  5. love this smiling scene all over...

  6. whoee!! chills up and down my arms ... got me with this one !

  7. Lucky you to enter spring while we are just before the fall... hope we still can get those kisses.

  8. The whole new world renewing its power when we - in love, anticipating spring and new kisses, I guess :)

  9. When life renews like summer, it is the best of times~

  10. I don't know if I ever would have associated "the best of times" with dung, but you have made it sound altogether lovely and so very romantic :-)

  11. A wonderful poem full of all good things!

  12. Oh I agree the ending was not what I expected as I was feeling the rebirth of nature... I loved it Robin!

  13. harvesting kisses this way, you lucky man. Have a joyous Sunday

    much love...

  14. Oh we had the same idea of a summer love poem ... nothing better than that ... sweet! :)

  15. Thank you for visiting and commenting again.

  16. I love the message that she renews your life.

  17. Oh so romantic ... makes me wish I were young again.