Saturday, 22 August 2015

Eden's Beauty

What strange creatures these
Dumb and chiseled faces see nought
Of Eden's beauty

Such superior ways
Drunk with wine and mad power
Human race of shame

They have stained this earth
Foreign being without soul
Winner for no cause

Cruel feckless wild beast
While we cower in hollows
Puzzled with strange fear

Where is tomorrow?
O for a luminous dawn
Without mankind's tread

Come quickly that day
When his fate is made lucid
Earth free once again

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  1. I like how the question changes the pace of the poem. It gives a clean break between a purely descriptive part of the poem and the active part expressing the desire of a different tomorrow.

  2. All the world is beautiful and only man is vile.

  3. A beautifully written cascade of haiku ... I enjoyed reading this very much Robin.