Saturday, 15 August 2015

So many years ago

Des was in a Mariachi band
Oh, so many years ago
With a big smile on his face
I hadn't seen him for ages
Thought he'd moved on
Said he wanted more
Maybe gone to explore the world
He wanted to drive across the States
Finish up in LA, he said
Then I got a call well past midnight
Cop friend of mine from way back
"Do you know the Magician" he asked
This was Des's nickname of old
When we were all still at school
He wanted me at the mortuary
To confirm a stiff's identity

I had not gone to bed, so I went
Despite changes, "It is Des alright"
He looked like a sick old man
Face all blotched and worn
Mouth like a mutant frog
"How can you tell" the cop asked
"Tattoo on his left arm, 
It says, Good on ya mate,
When we were in Sydney
Both of us had one done"
Then I lifted my sleeve
To show him mine
Booze was enough
In those days

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  1. A wonderful read, thanks for sharing!

  2. This is vivid, and sad. On one side, there is desperation, and on the other side, a temporary fix. Many of us get lost between those two ends, and cannot find our way back.

  3. Oh I do love this piece!! (and I noticed that picture and thought it would be terrific for someone's poem - how delightful to see it here). Bravo on this one!

  4. some great phrases (mouth like a mutant frog) tossed into your moving narrative and a kicker of a punch line - though the picture predicted a sad end the actual finale was bitter sweet

  5. You have captured fun and horror in a wonderful mix.

    Thanks for visiting.

  6. You really got into this week's word list, Old Egg, in a grisly sort of way! Thanks for your contribution. It's a great read.

  7. A bittersweet tale. A particularly like the way your words tailed off towards the end. Just perfect.